Cultral Strategy commissions

I am happy to have been commissioned as Lead Artist by the Peterborough Cultural Strategy Group (CSG) and Metal. Within that commission I will be supporting 4 other artists develop new works. As such we wish to commission four artists, from Peterborough (and surrounding villages) to:
• Work alongside lead artist
• Lead conversations about culture with your existing networks – providing insights on identified themes to help the CSG with their future thinking.
• Create artworks that catalyse or reflect on these conversations – for sharing and use on the new CSG website
• Creatively capture/record the ideas people share – giving voice to people who have not been involved in CSG consultations to date or those that perhaps don’t see themselves as ‘cultured’.
This opportunity is open to artists from any artform or discipline (visual artists, illustrators,photographers, writers, poets, film makers, musicians etc) with the final outcome presented digitally.
We are seeking artists interested in using inclusive and collaborative approaches. For example, your conversations may inform a piece of work based on what you hear and learn. Or you might work collaboratively with people, talking and listening as you go, that results in a co-designed artwork that captures ideas.
We are keen to hear from artists from diverse backgrounds (ethnicity, disability, class, sexuality etc) and younger people who don’t think that the mainstream cultural offer is relevant to them or their interests and stories aren’t represented.