‘Care for the carers’ and other ideas

A participant of my Cultural Prescriptions commission (which is exploring how Social Prescribing link workers can use their creativity more effectively for supporting themseleves and others) used the £10 I sent them on a scratch card for me. Their gift was a response to a ‘care’ package I mailed out that helped start conversations and initiate the project. The gift to me contained plastercine, my favourite crisps, a picture of a pit pony and other goodies – all things I had said were important to me. As I scratched the card infront of the group, during our most recent session, we collectively held our breathe in what was a beautiful poignant moment. Sadly we weren’t lottery winners. But we could see the impact of care, creative approaches and connection as powerful tools in offering people moments of joy. Obvious maybe but not always visible and that’s why this research is relevant and timely for the Social Prescribers and their clients too.