Exhibition 13 – Consequences

Exhibition 13 is now open at The Notice Board in my Uffington front garden. More images can be found on instagram @noticeboardunited The show will feature a changing selection of drawings, posters & words from across the Consequences project. Developed and delivered with Sarah Haythornthwaite and Ruth Campbell at Metal Peterborough the project brought together 100’s of women from across the region to talk and draw and connect. Started before Covid it adpated to online and postal approaches as we went into lockdown. More work, how to get involved and ways to order resources can we found at http://whataretheconsequences.co.uk
Importantly Consequences fits with the Notice Boards themes: The Land of the Free? as the project enabled women to explore, learn and consider different cultures, religions, ideas and approaches to support them consider notions of equality and freedom.