F.E.A.S.T. Caythorpe

F.E.A.S.T evening events are all about good company, local food and interesting discussions. Our recent successful event at Caythorpe and Frieston Village Hall explored issues connected to the “local” including production, accessibility and relevance. The above selection of photos are from that evening.

F.E.A.S.T utilises locally sourced ingredients including surplus food in the production of plant and animal based dishes. Specialist Producers included: @gelstonlamb @nelsonsbutchers @ancaster_butchers @belvoir_bakery Proctor and Son: Potatoes. E.Moore and Sons: Brussels and @3_daughters_croft_farm Lamb and Mutton.

F.E.A.S.T would not be what it was without the support and efforts of many. Including Clare Byrom, Ali Bews and Lucy Glen
F.E.A.S.T was supported by InvestSK