Homeland at Metal Peterborough

Join Metal and me for a discussion and the showcasing of HOMELAND research and work, over food and drinks.

Wednesday 11th May, 6 – 8pm at Metal Chauffeurs Cottage. Click here to let us know you’re coming along or email ruth@metalculture.com

Whilst in residence I have been researching and developing a new piece of work, HOMELAND, building on a recent work: You and I are tangled up together which was undertaken with the farming community and countryside specialists surrounding Peterborough.

As part of her residency I’ve visited farms and rural businesses, considering how farmers and countryside specialists work in, on and with the land and how they draw up from the soil in complex and layered ways. This has enabled me to reflect on all our relationships to landscape, food production and how recent times have further intensified or broken this connection.

I would now like you to join me for an informal sharing and conversation catalysed by Kates work and process. As part of the evening we will be offering some homemade food and invite you to also bring some food to share with the group too.