Who’s Culture? Final findings

Over the last few months I have worked directly within Peterborough’s rural neighbourhoods. For a Lead Artist commission for Peterborough’s Cultural Strategy group – Who’s Culture? The project aimed to give voice to those that have not been involved in CSG consultations to date. Metal and I developed an approach and model that has proven to be successful. One where I and a further 6 commissioned artists worked within their own networks. These close trust filled relationships enabled authentic connection and deep listening. Were possible even in light of Covid resilient and helped us turn work around fast. Mark Richards – director at Metal Sarah Tanburn – Consultant and I are due to write up our working model, looking at its detail and potentials. We will release this in due course.

I connected to the farming community and specialist associated with the countryside in the city region. The resulting set of works are a summary of the research – in a material form. But perhaps more importantly than this they both invite and activate change. Details of all the I sleep in the bed i was born are HERE and other works can be found HERE.

I supported the 6 artists in the delivery and development of their work.Which has been revealing and a pleasure. I have learn’t from their research and approaches. The artist were Wanja Kimani, Madhu Mani, Kristine Viavode. Vicky Wild and Aryana Ramkhalawon , and Dan Butt. All our research showed the urgent need for change in how the city region engages and represents its residents. At the final presentation I spoke of the democratisation of culture and the important role artists take in connecting to marginalised voices – making visible those who have and continue to remain left out, silenced or belittled.