Wireworks Residency. Derbyshire

22 – 27 Nov see’s me returning to Shiningcliff Woods, Belper and The Wireworks Project to further develop what I started research on back in early October. My residency is taking place over the next 6 months, supported by artists @ivanpatricksmith and Tony Shepherd. Their energies are amazing and I’m proud to have been invited to be the first resident.
The woods hold a long histories including quarrying, wire making, charcoal burning, the Grith Pioneers with their ambitions for Peace, a giant yew tree which is alleged to be the spot where the Rock a bye baby nursery rhyme began….But now much of this past is no more and instead veteran Oaks, Beech, Sycamores and managed Pines take their place. It’s a complex and layered site and one I’m looking forward to further responding to. I can’t help but think of reverting and reclamation. But also imagined futures as Tony and Ivan create new beginnings.
The Wireworks Project, set up by them, aims to host their practice and other artists from across the world during longterm residencies. With outcomes showcased in or near an old industrial building they’ve cleared for the purpose.