Exhibition 12 – Nisha Keshav.

Of her work The Song of Increase. Nisha said: The title for this work has been inspired by Jacqueline Freeman a biodynamic farmer and beekeeper. Jacqueline describes in her book how “The Song of Increase signals the most delightful time in the life of the hive – a times when everything in the hive is blossoming…the bees revel in fulfilling their directive to bear increase into the world.”

Unfortunately, despite the bees evolving on earth for over 12 million years they are now dying at an alarming rate. Bees are recognised as the most important livg beings on the planet, they pollinate more than 90% of our crops, most of what we consume is thanks to the pollinators; from apples, to coffee to almonds. They are vital for a healthy ecosystem and a healthy economy and yet we humans are having a detrimental effect on the survival of the bees and ultimately our own survival. The decline is being caused by the use of pesticides, loss of habitat, effects of climate change, mobile phone masts, pests; the varroa mites etc.

The flag flown alongside this work has been made by Kate Genever and features an image of a Queen Bee.