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I try to make sense of the world through drawing. I take drawing to be more than a technique – rather a disposition that reveals our connections with the world of materials and each other. Resulting in works that superficialy collapse the idea of a consistent artist style yet are inherently linked.

In places over extended periods I consider and support improvisation. Focusing on what we create to cope with our immediate problems. Be it in farms, refuges, caravan parks, lockdown…. I build deep connections and aim to celebrate the overlooked, but more powerfully than this – show that those who go unnoticed matter.

I use drawing based co-production and process-led approaches and work in collaboration with organisations and specialists including architects, researchers and curators. I am an experienced mentor and educator who challenges and disrupts thinking, supporting people to reflect on or activate change.

Commissions and exhibitions include: Consequences (2020) Metal; Made by Hands (2020) Rotterdam; The John Ruskin Prize (2019); Who Cares? (2018/19) Lakeland Arts; Leap of Faith (2018) Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Manchester Met University; Museum of Contemporary Farming (2018) Museum of English Rural Life and Exchange (2017) The Turner Prize and Ferens Art Gallery.

My work has been recently published in Re-imaging Rurality [2018, ORO Editions] and The Journal of Arts and Communities [2016, Intellect Books].

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