The Notice Board – SA Artists for Climate Action.

SA Artists for Climate Action. Based: Kaurna Country, South Australia

The Notice Board is a piece of activism both practically and conceptually. Forming around the ideas of reciprocity and mutual aid, which are mirrored in this month’s work by an artist collective from Australia. SA Artists for Climate Action each have their own artistic careers and trajectories, but act together in response to the inaction shown by leaders who refuse to embrace renewable energy and put the care of our ecologies foremost. One of their actions is #climatebadges, which aims to bypass the seeming inability to communicate with leaders bent on economic growth and instead offer encouragement to those fighting for our planet to keep going in the knowledge they have continued support. It’s an interesting approach that The Notice Board is proud to platform while also reinforcing ‘positive reinforcement’ as a change agent.
SA Artists for Climate Action say:
This is a call to action.
As artists we declare a climate emergency. Let’s act as individuals together into the future. It has been shown that contacting our leaders, our decision makers, in a targeted way, directly, personally, and individually, is the most effective strategy to create and continue change. This project is about encouraging those that are part of this change.
We invite you to make a climate badge that addresses your climate emergency concerns. Send this to your politician/leader/local member/decision maker/researcher/board member/influential person of choice with an explanatory note (there’s a template at #climatebadges). Do this to propel their good work further, to give encouragement to keep going, or to spur someone into action who can do more.
Work individually or gather your friends, run a badge-making session in your home, studio or your place of work, take this project wherever you can. Share this call to action far and wide. Your art voice is valuable.
Post your badge and note to your leader of choice. Share your badge and note on Instagram using #climatebadges and tag your selected badge recipient where possible. Follow this hashtag to see other contributions. And thank you for taking action. Collective action has power. 

SincerelySA Artists for Climate Action