The Notice Board- Tobias Loemke

Born: Augsburg. Germany
Lives: Nuertingen. Germany

Title: Generating Pictures (under the table)
The Notice Board remembers playing under a sheet suspended across a clothes horse or kitchen table – using cushions, blankets and toys to add to the magic. Perhaps you too built imaginary homes where you sailed away or just explored a space that was uniquely yours? It’s those ‘Free Lands’ that Tobias’ images draw on, coupled with experimental making explored in a recent summer class led by American artist Francis Ruyter.
Tobias says: In terms of picture generation I knowingly play with relationships, constellations and the compositions of things, … like playing as a child under my grandma’s kitchen table, where I was protected but also curious about the unexpected and strange …
Tobias Loemke is an artist, teacher and researcher, working at Nuertingen Geislingen University (Art Therapy). Insta: tobiasloemke