Exhibition 39 -Smith/Genever

Smith-Genever work predominantly in stitch, developing co-created artworks which respond to experiences of working with marginalised communities. By recognising stitch can help people make-sense and resist the chaos of life, they promote sewing as a way for people to explore tricky stuff and to ‘power up.’ This approach allows for connection with individuals at deeply emotional levels, which is mirrored in the resulting artworks which has included banners, quilts, t-shirts, patches and prints.
The Notice Board recognises how, at this time, many of us need to find strength to cope with issues that are beyond our control. This selection from Smith-Genever’s large archive aims to offer support though the sharing of wisdoms collected from people who have or are coping with life’s hard stuff.
The Notice Board stands by Smith-Genever in their belief that art is a serious business.  And that alongside the creative act, making art can provide routes and opportunities for personal growth and the building of resilience. The ultimate freedom.

All works shown in No one’s coming to save you! were made with different people, of different ages, from many different contexts. We all acknowledge all their inputs and efforts and with respect keep them anonymous.