Speaker at Great Community Venice/Ca Foscari.

As part of the  ‘A great community- John Ruskin’s Europe’ conference in Venice. I was invited to make new work – a previous post shows initial collages of ‘future skies’. During the conference speakers from diverse specialisms talked of ruins, roads and routes, paradises lost, economics, parables, morals, virtues and concepts of collectivism. I spoke of collage and is ability to warp realities and how there is a push and pull that allows you to play with space, perspective, reality. fantasy. I like how it Emphasises concept and process over end product, collage brings the incongruous into meaningful congress with the ordinary. In response to the speakers papers, multiple languages used and ambitions of the conference, I made a new collage and then drawing that referenced all their ideas. The work contains references to the spaces and artworks I saw during the visit alongside mythical places – utopias perhaps such as the Tower of Babel