Leap of Faith

I’ve just been commissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture Park as Lead artist on their new 14 -18 Now project: Leap of Faith. It takes Katrina Palmer’s The Coffin Jump 14-18 NOW newly installed work as catalyst.

Led by YSP’s Art & Wellbeing Coordinator, Rachel Massey, Leap of Faith will work with participants from two local authority areas that border the Park, in partnership with Ashiana Sheffield, Kirklees Women Centre, and Glint [Horse Assisted Development]. Massey says: “At YSP, we use a range of approaches to help people engage with the art. We are interested in exploring ways to support people to engage with their own creativity and self-expression. This is a unique opportunity to work with women, therapists and artists and create something together, inspired by The Coffin Jump and other art at YSP”.

Leap of Faith aims to help participants gain the confidence to express themselves, to develop positive relationships, and to build positive new memories. Activity will include creative sessions devised by the participants themselves in conjunction with me, as well as equine therapists.