For 6 months Soraya Smithson will curate the Notice Board using the quizzical ‘The Lands of the Free?’ theme. Soraya says: This is a provocation to react, condemn and fight against injustices, corruption, oppression, traitorous words and deeds. Many gender equalities and freedoms have been won, however not universally. Many are still promised, compromised or reneged upon. All too often Women and those Othered are the first to suffer violence, marginalisation and the indignity of powerlessness. For this reason, my choice of artists are all women.  
February = Kate Buckley & Joana Cifre-Cerda
March = Soraya Smithson
April = Anna Reading
May = Esther Wilson
June – Naomi Frears & Ella Frears
July – Elspeth Owen Potter