Exhibition 36 – Birdbox Gallery

The Birdbox Gallery, begun in 2020, is run by artists Roger and Sarah Healey-Dilkes. It’s simply a gallery in the form of a box, located in a garden hedge, open 24/7 and visible to any passerby. Like The Notice Board they exhibit the work of artists at all ages and stages of their careers from near at home and far away. They say: “There are no themes, preferences or types of work we favour, we just want to show as many peoples work to as wider public as possible. And offer a healthy outdoor experience, as an antidote to the orthodoxy of the conventional art gallery or museum experience.”

From July 17th the annual Bird Box Gallery Arts Trail will take place featuring local and national artists work accompanied by an accessible a trail. Which means their single space multiples into 27 Bird Box galleries in 27 front gardens across the Birdwood Association Residential Area. Cambridge. The Notice Board is happy to be an outpost for this festival, showcasing Roger and Sarah’s work, the gallery’s manifesto and by flying of their flag. This collaboration extends the trail offering more audiences access to their fantastic work and exciting efforts.

Sardine Breakfast by Roger Healey-Dilkes is a collage created during lockdown as part of an ongoing series that used found materials from the recycling bin and reduced shelves. A series of these were later made into a book published by the Bird Box Gallery.

Hazard by Sarah Healey-Dilkes a Chain of figures stencil cut from plastic hazard tape. A material that was ever present in our consciousness, during the Covid19 lockdown, in public areas to indicate warning and restriction.

The Flag is designed by the Brighton based illustrator Sean O’ Brien who works with the gallery designing its logo, font, posters and art trail map.