The Notice Board: Poly-Technic

Title: Never-Land
Poly-Technic asks: What will Europe look like in 200 years? Can we imagine a place where national boundaries have evaporated, where everyone belongs, and nobody stands on the in or outside? The last 200 years has seen many wars, many struggles, many generations. Communism has risen and fallen; capitalism reaches its end stage; the impact of climate change becomes ever more urgent. At this point in time we want to think to a better time, challenge negative scripts and acknowledge the possibilities for a future that understands itself. A future not tied into the present state of things.
The flag is one outcome of a European project involving many authors of different ages and experiences. In each Never-Land site we have tried to think forward, imagining together taking collage literally and metaphorically in considering a different Europe. We acknowledge the students and staff of Liceo Artistico Guggenheim School in Venice, participants of a workshop at Leicester Printworks and audiences at Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield for their part in the process of creating a Never-Land.