We talk together with drawing

The Consequences workshops across Peterborough begin in earnest this week. Yesterday one at PARCA enabled a wide ranging conversation that surfaced new questions to take forward to other sessions. Can we leave the past in the past? What does bravery look like? and Whats it like to live in a culture different from our own? were just 3 examples. However it was the multiple languages spoken in the room that became significant on reflection. These included mother tongues, dialects and translation but also drawing, signing, writing and typing. Many of these unspoken languages, and I would argue drawing in particular, allows us to cross a chasm and connect. The act of collective mark making, sharing a sheet and drawing in conversation does as the women said – let’s you be inspired and see other things, each other.  In these moments we aren’t misunderstood we all see ourselves mirrored in each other.