Exhbition 49 – Drawing Paper 9

The exhibition Drawing (Paper) Show was an extended by a special edition of the Drawing Paper. Which showcases the diverse and varied drawings of 50 artists from around the world. The exhibition at The Bridewell Studios and Gallery, Liverpool, ran from 22nd July – 13th August 2023. The paper, published and designed in Liverpool, is shared nationally. Both explore the idea of drawing for drawing’s sake.

The Notice Board is showing the complete paper with pages being changed every two days. The Notice Board is interested in how “drawing for drawing’s sake” is a universal freedom available to all. And just like “art for art’s sake” it has the potential to challenge power and exert personal/ individual choice.

Drawing (Paper) Show was curated by Collette Lilley, Sarah Jane Richards, Jon Barraclough and Mike Carney. The exhibiting artists are Alex Wolkowicz, Amanda Ravetz, Anna Huttonartist, Arthur Roberts, Athena Jones, Bryan Biggs, Camille Smithwick, Caragh Savage, Carriage Return, Christina Rose Brown, Colette Lilley, Cristina Celestini, Curtis Holder, Daksha Patel, Emma Withers, Gabriela Vargas Telaya, Gail Altschuler, Gary Clough, Garner Harry, Inês-Hermone, James Robert Morrison, Jason Thompson, Jim Grant, Jonathan Stockley, Joseph Schneider, Julia Midgley, Julie Lawrence, Kaja Stumpf, Kate Genever, Lesley Halliwell, Lizzie Thurman, Lucy Pass, Maree Hensey, Mark Clay, Matthew Timmins-Williams, Mike Carney, Naomi Kendrick, Natalia Kulka, Neal Vaughan, Nickson Kimaro, Nutsa Gogaladze, Penny Davenport, Ruby Wright, Sarah Jane Richards, Silvia Battista, Tansy Lee Moir, Tessa Maiden, Tomo, Tricia Gillman, Jon Barraclough