Exhibition 48 – United Arts Network

United Arts Network is a small group of learning disabled artists working together to promote their artistic achievements, individuality, independence and autonomy as creative people. They share ideas and inspire each other while also actively engaging with artistic practitioners and groups in the wider community.

The group meet at Rob Bibby’s Woodnewton Pottery Studio in Northamptonshire. They have found great support, friendships and further opportunities through this vibrant and engaging rural arts space. The Network has flourished in this setting finding strength, connection and a sense of belonging to a much wider artistic community.

The artists showing are Emily Jinks  with prints of paintings: Bop Pop and  Summertime Spread. Emily says of Bop Pop: “I like bubbles and round round going pop, outside being with garden friends fun! Bop!”. She described Summertime Spread as  ‘Star, sky, planet looking flowers everywhere Spread! and Andy King with the flag: American Dream. Supported artist Ruthie Williams, has used the flag to express ideas around the free movement of people given the current struggle by many to do this.

The Notice Board is a radical space – an action in the face of the enormous challenges of our time – be that ecological, social, political. It uses art and ideas as an act of resistance. United Arts Network mirror this ambition as they strive to find new ways to make work and speak out.