Exhibition 47 – Kate Genever

Exhbition 47 features a double sided Screenprint on A1 newsprint titled I am here, for you and a HOME LAND flag. Both by Kate Genever. Kate says: Side one features an unfired dried hard raw clay thumb pot, from a set of 18, that have overheard quotes scratched onto their surface. The pots, made from clay dug at Croft Farm, Uffington, stand on individually made Hawthorn rings, which are on side two. The prints were created both to wrap the pots in and as a gift for those attending a showcasing event. The pots of I am here, for you were created in response to research about farming practices in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. But in particular a consideration on how farmers and countryside specialists work in, on and with the land; and how we imaginatively transfer, draw up, celebrate, distil and repurpose it for the healing and nourishment of ourselves and others. I undertook 25 interviews which produced the words that are on the pots.

The Notice Board is interested in how Kate’s pots and their phrases reveal a farmers embroiled, embedded and engaged relationship with the land. Posing a question: Are these people really free?

Kate Genever is an artist and farmer. More work can be seen HERE