Exhibition 46 – Pauline Woolley

For this months show Pauline asks: Do you know what you are made of? The dust of stars. Elements such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen to the iron in your blood are your physical building blocks. Your evolution has been eternal. Regardless of our heritage we are interconnected from the very depths of the universe on a vast molecular level. You are in the body of your ancient ancestors who looked to the night sky in necessity and navigation. Today many indigenous communities are struggling to maintain a deep connection to their sky heritage due to the increase in light pollution and objects in low earth orbit.  

Constructed of personal x-rays, astrophotography and alternative photographic images, The Body and The Universe asks you to take a moment and consider the relationship to our biological interconnectedness through the depths of the universe. Which The Notice Board might argue is never The Land of the free?

Pauline is based in the East Midlands and considers her relationship to sky, time, place and astronomy often in an urban setting. Her photo ‘Solar Tree’  is the winning image of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022  and she was shortlisted for the Investment Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021.  paulinewoolley.co.uk