Exhibition 45 – Lena Sass

Exhibition 45 feature two works by Lincoln based Liverpool born artist, shroud maker and celebrant Lena Sass. Titled Shrouds and Ashes the works are cyanotype shroud as flag and ash print. Lena says: My shrouds are a new take on an ancient concepts, that of making sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to coffins – fabric covers that protect the body at burial. They are artworks too that celebrate the individual and offer a unique artefact to represents a life. I believe my shrouds are a beautiful last gift before burial. Made using direct sunlight to create the image these earth bound items fade over years (just like us). But when placed in a safe dark place the image will stay until the earth takes it and the cloth. A perfect poetic combination of art and death it seems
he ‘Ash Print’ is a digital version of an original litmus type paper where the ashes of an individuals are split in a scientific process that reveals the elements contained within us. For the one shown I used my dog Clem’s ashes – he always had the moon in his eye and beautifully it appeared her in this print.
The Notice Board is pleased to be sharing these two potent works that talk of love and loss. Emotions that throughout history have been used in the creation of artefacts that hold memories and meaning. Objects that are kept or sent with lost loves on their journey into the afterlife. A place that perhaps is the only true Land of the free?.

Lena Sass is an artist who has developed and led many community based projects, enabling people to create meaningful and life enhancing work. As Director of Understanding Arts, Artlink and The Professors (a radical group of adults with learning disabilities) she has been a quiet instigator of change. She aims now to effect change in the death industry to celebrate the individual and respect the earth.