Exhibition 44 – Sue Shields

Exhibition 44 features a drawing and new flag work by Sue Shields entitled The Fettered Crumb. Sue says: Much of my work is derived and reimagined from stories found in song, history, landscape and contemporary experiences. I understand the world to be a place of predicament, loss, beauty and contrasts. Crumb is an imagined character. A personification of the tilled agricultural soil of the Fen. They are an amorphous creature battling with environmental pressures immersed in its own legacy of ever depleting fertility. It’s a primal force who attracts other pilgrims on its journey through our shared national landscape and only one part of my own imagined epic: The Coronach, which is a mourning lament.

Sue is an based in printer and mixed media artist in East Lothian. Until 2022 she was based in Peterborough and worked at The Crumb Studio in  the Cambridgeshire Fens.
Instagram: @sueshields_art