Exhibition 43 – Celine Siani Djiakoua

Exhibition 43 showcases two new works by French artist Celine Siani Djiakoua. Who says: Knowing no cultural or political boundaries, the archetype of the snake-woman or fish-woman can be found all around the world and in earliest pre-religious depictions. Sometimes having wings, she can escape and fly wherever she wishes. I like to dream of her as Nature on Earth. A natural force, existing within the psyche of Humanity and within the natural world itself, all around the globe. I feel her when I select the plants for my botanical prints. She’s been making me to draw her for years now. Here she is again, existing wherever she pleases, knowing no boundaries ….  One day I would like to tell the story of how she entered my life, a long time ago, through series of synchronicities, as archetypes do …. But in the meantime, I work  “with her”, using plants and other natural materials to produce botanical prints and natural inks of all sorts. 

The Notice Board selects artists to show here by considering how their work relates to the theme The Land of the Free?. For Celine and her work there are many connections and reasons. For example we could think about the freedom of natural forces and how nature makes itself available as a material for Celine to utilise. Or we might see how colonisation and ongoing oppressions continue to impact personal and public freedoms. The Notice Board wonders what freedom you might consider as you look at her work?

For more information see @celine_siani_djiakoua