Our hearts deepest desires….

Yesterdays sessions for Consequences at Metal Peterborough reinforced the importance of being heard, seen, complimented, encouraged and considered. These simple, but mostly not done actions, have huge impact. As evidenced in this quote by therapist L Seltzer: When complimented, we’re likely to glow internally. Approbation from others who we respect serves to verify our sense of inner worth. Such external approval is especially important for those still plagued by self-doubt. To feel favorably recognized wonderfully addresses one of our heart’s deepest desires. What helps us do this well in these sessions, I think, is the drawing. It enables much to said, shared and told; the activity draws our eyes to the work “in hand” letting our ability to listen, connect and support grow. Unlike art therapy this works intention is not to provide theraputic support – allthough it might happen, but rather provide a space for creativity to guide us into caring, reflective spaces and good conversation.