The Notice Board – Kate Genever

Kate Genever. UK

Title: She loved, loved and loved. Woodcut print. 69cm x 59cm

During a residency in Wakefield I worked in with Wakefield City of Sanctuary; a charity which promotes and encourages the inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in their district. This opportunity helped me understand more about the UK’s asylum system, and the fate of refugees as they are processed before being deported or offered safe and stable homes. While their status is determined all are supported by many volunteers and organisations who offer expertise and care. This effort and the emotional toll it took shaped the artwork I created. This print is one outcome.

At the time of my residency in 2017 people were walking across Europe, before entering and hiding in channel crossing lorries to get to the UK. Now they also come by sea. Imagery of overloaded boats, and worse the drowned, is heart-breaking. Which makes this print still relevant. So I share it again to highlight the ongoing, politically complex, international refugee crisis and the toil of volunteers and charities who help. Asking all the time what would you do for freedom?