Exhibition 30 – Nadya Monfrinoli

Nadya Monfrinoli
Born: UK
Title: Stay Safe

The Notice Board this month showcases work that raises awareness of EDAN Lincs and celebrates work of Nadya and women she has worked with. Nadya says: The refuge is covered in inspirational quotes in the Live, Laugh, Love vein. This work draws on this tradition of using words to empower, but instead of using existing phrases we created our own. Turning them into posters that can be shared more widely. Women involved wanted their work to be seen by others who might be experiencing domestic violence to “build them up, offer courage, to say I believe in you, it is possible to make a change”.

In response I created the flag which shows a piece of chalk graffiti found inside of the refuge’s smoking shelter. In this small brick shed many take the time to offer each other messages of solidarity, leaving them for those that come after. I was struck by how the now familiar ‘Stay Safe’ refrain taken up by us all since Covid assumes further complexity in this context. Particularly as the last two years has seen incidents of domestic violence soar.

Nadya makes site-responsive installations and other ephemeral works that enable the viewer to interact with them. She is interested in different ways of engaging with people and this often includes collaboration. For more information visit: monfrinoli.com  @nadya_monfrinoli